Personal Budgets for Adult Social Care

Calculate accurate personal budgets and integrated budgets with ease and transparency using the UK's most trusted solution.

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Used by thousands of care professionals every day

Calculate with confidence

Offers accurate, equitable and sustainable estimates between assessed needs and costs, helping councils realise greater efficiencies.

Defensible and transparent

Built around Care Act principles for a defensible and transparent approach to estimating personal budgets.


Supports a focus on strengths, abilities and enabling community solutions.

Smarter decision-making

Check and adjust your local rates and configuration decisions against the national picture.

Health and social care integration

For people eligible for joint funding, the algorithm generates a suggested 'funding split' to help avoid cross-organisational disputes.

Track needs, outcomes and performance

Comes with access to Atmolytics, for powerful analysis of needs and costs of your local population.

  • Explore patterns in service users' needs
  • Identify high risk service users
  • Create reports to support panel decision meetings
  • Compare estimated budgets to actual costs
  • Conduct assessor's supervisions with caseload reports
  • Monitor assessment performance

Compatible with leading IT systems

The tools and algorithms are already used within all of the main case management systems, including Liquidlogic, Mosaic, CareDirector and OLM Systems.

What's Included

Strengths-based toolset

First, second and third line integrated tools to support a strengths and asset-based approach.

Budget setting tool

Estimate social care and joint-funded budgets quickly and fairly.

Self-service analytics

Managers and performance staff can easily explore and report on budgets and people.