Carer's Management System

A cloud-based and easy-to-use tool for carers' centres to digitally record assessments and support plans.

Eliminate paperwork, save time and improve carers' experiences

Go digital, eliminate paperwork

Digitise your carer's assessments and support plans by introducing a lightweight and user friendly tool that's easy and quick to set up.

Streamline assessments and reviews

Don't waste time copy/pasting as your assessment data is automatically brought forward into the support plan.

Includes person-centred assessments

Our standardised assessments are practice led, align with the principles of the Care Act, and are shaped by years of end-user feedback.

Estimate budgets fairly and consistently

Make confident and defensible decisions that reflect carers' individual outcomes and local costs frameworks using our trusted budget-setting tool.

Improve the experience for carers

Storing all of your information in one place means conversations only need to happen once and prevents carers having to repeat themselves.

Track local carers population, needs and outcomes

Relevant managers and performance staff will have access to Atmolytics, for powerful analysis of the needs and personal budgets of their local carer's population.

  • Explore the number of carer's assessments carried out
  • See how many personal budgets have been allocated
  • Identify carers who may be at risk
  • Compare estimated budgets to actual costs
  • Monitor assessment performance

What's included

Digital platform

Powered by our 'Care Partner' technology, you'll have access to a secure cloud-hosted area.

Budget-setting tool

Estimate costs quickly and fairly using the country's most used and trusted solution.

Self-service analytics

Managers and perfomance staff can easily explore/report on budgets and people.