Population Health Management

Atmolytics provides the population health insights needed to plan services and target key patient cohorts, accelerating and improving health outcomes.

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Transformational data discovery for population health management

Create system-wide views of healthcare populations

Harmonise your data across geographic and service boundaries for a holistic view of your population's health needs.

Understand your local populations

Atmolytics provides homogeneous views of clinical, social, financial, demographic, genotypic and geographical insights.

Identify needs and outcomes

Discover specific cohorts by condition, complexity, geography or patterns of service utilisation.

Unlimited in-depth data exploration, visualisation and reporting

Uncover trends early

  • Identify high risk and transient populations
  • Explore gaps in care
  • Benchmark trends in performance, costs and outcomes
  • Evaluate the impact of new models of care

Identify unexpected variations and outliers

Unlimited exploratory analysis enables you to view the full information context for outliers to make informed judgements.

Flexible deployment options

We have developed Atmolytics so it can be deployed into Cloud providers or on-premise to best suit your needs.

Just some of the organisations using Atmolytics