Personal Health Budgets

Our cloud-based solution provides a streamlined and digital approach to the accurate estimation of Personal Health Budgets (PHBs)

Time to go digital

Estimate Personal Health Budgets quickly and easily with a user friendly, cloud-based platform

Estimate with confidence

Our Resource Allocation System (RAS) offers accurate, equitable and sustainable estimates between assessed needs and costs, helping CCGs realise greater efficiencies.

Tried, tested and proven

Used by over 40 councils and 15 CCGs, our RAS has allocated over £5bn for personal budgets/PHBs. Users include:

  • NHS Greenwich CCG
  • Birmingham and Solihull CCG
  • Warrington CCG
  • East Leicestershire & Rutland CCG, West Leicestershire CCG and Leicester City CCG
  • NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale CCG

Manage the cost of your CHC population

By using the UK's most trusted RAS, moving towards the 'PHB by Default' model is easier than ever before.

Supports integrated budgets

Remove the debate about who pays for what by using our embedded needs-based ‘funding split' algorithm.

Track, report and collaborate on your data

View insightful and actionable RAS analytics quickly and easily using Atmolytics; our 100% self service analytics platform.

Nationally developed, locally tailored

Your local forms, costs and policies are embedded to ensure the solution works for you.

Key Features

Care Partner

Our widely used and secure cloud-based health and social care platform.

Embedded RAS

The UK’s most accurate, sustainable and flexible Resource Allocation System.

Self-service Analytics

Covering all of your RAS information.

Global need band functionality

For cohort analysis and benchmarking of spend.

Benchmarking programme

Benchmark local configuration against others to help with decisions.

Automatic quality assurance

Assessment answers are automatically quality-checked for inconsistencies, improving accuracy.

What our customers are saying

In a recent benchmark exercise for London CCGs, Greenwich was top for providing personal health budgets to those eligible for Continuing Healthcare. We use the FACE Resource Allocation System to calculate the estimated indicative budgets which has contributed to our success in the provision of Personal Health Budgets.
    - Greenwich CCG