FACE Personalisation Toolkit

Includes the most widely used needs assessment tool in the UK. It aligns with the principles of the Care Act and supports a strengths-based approach.

Supports all stages of the customer pathway

Integrates all processes from front door contact, reablement and assessment through to support planning.

Proportionate to care needs

Designed to provide a holistic view of a person's life, with prompting throughout so that forms are completed in a manner that is proportionate to the individual's need.

Supports multi-agency working

The same assessment questions are used across health and social care, supporting joined-up working.

Generate accurate personal budgets

Provides the basis for calculating fair and consistent personal budgets using the UK's most widely used Resource Allocation System.


The FACE Personalisation Toolkit is a proven solution set for assessment and resource management which aligns with the principles of the following key national policy areas:

  • Personalisation
  • The Care Act
  • Health and Social Care Integration
  • Austerity
  • New ways of working
  • 'Big data'

FACE Assessment Toolsets are a product of over 20 years' development work involving hundreds of practitioners, service users and carers. They are designed to meet key clinical, management and national requirements.

They are also updated regularly with the involvement of our professional user network. We are constantly seeking to both improve existing tools and design new tools to meet emerging needs.

Included in toolset

  • Contact and Actions Tool: Supports first-line conversations focused on strengths and community assets
  • Building Independent Living Skills: Second-line tool for reablement teams and OTs to focus on short-term solutions which enhance independence
  • Overview: Care Act and eligibility assessment for adults with long-term care needs which links to RAS for estimating Personal Budgets
  • Needs Profile: The 'scored' items from the Overview required to estimate Personal Budgets. This can be integrated with or sit alongside a local assessment tool where needed
  • Record of Carer's Situation: Care Act and eligibility assessment for carers. Links to Carer's RAS for estimating Personal Budgets
  • Resource Allocation System (RAS): The country's most accurate, sustainable and flexible solution for estimating adult and carer Personal Budgets
  • Living Independently with Sensory Needs: Specialist assessment for people with a sensory impairment
  • Care & Support Plan and Review tools: For adults with care needs
  • Support Plan and Review tools: For carers
  • Atmolytics: Designed for quick, simple and highly tailorable analytics and reporting

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