FACE Child & Young Person's Health and Social Care

A solution developed to provide a clear and structured approach to personalised care for young people.

Integrated solution

The FACE Child & Young Person's Needs Profile integrates with our RAS to provide a personal budgets solution across Education, Health and Social Care. Depending on local requirements, the solution can be used to support the identification of needs in Education, Health and Social Care either separately or as a single tool.

Supports multi-agency working

Developed with education, healthcare and social care practitioners, the tools seamlessly aid integration to deliver better outcomes for all.


Designed to be completed in a manner that is proportionate to the individual's need. Only complete what you need.

Supports transition

All FACE assessments (for children, young people and adults) are built on the same principles. This means that families become familiar with the questions and processes and get early sight of any personal budget changes.


The FACE Child & Young Person's Needs Profile has been developed in collaboration with 13 local authorities and CCGs. It provides a simple means of identifying information about a child or young person's education, health and social care needs.

The tools work with our RAS to provide an estimated personal budget amount to support the child or young person in each area. The needs profile and RAS can be separated between one or more agencies, to enable a personal budget to be calculated in as many areas as required. See our personal budgets pages for Children's Health & Social Care and Education, for more information.

FACE Assessment Toolsets are a product of over 20 years' development work involving hundreds of practitioners, service users and carers. They are designed to meet key clinical, management and national requirements.

They are also updated regularly with the involvement of our professional user network. We are constantly seeking to both improve existing tools and design new tools to meet emerging needs.

The tools

  • Child & Young Person's Needs Profile (Social Care)
  • Child & Young Person's Needs Profile (Health & Social Care)
  • Child & Young Person's Needs Profile (Education)
  • Child & Young Person's RAS

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