FACE CARAS Assessment

The FACE Child and Adolescent Risk Assessment Suite (CARAS) is the UK's first fully integrated suite of risk assessment tools and outcome measures for use in child and adolescent mental health services.


Uses a systematic and structured approach to assess static and dynamic risk factors. This supports clinicians by identifying key risk factors that are used to formulate and implement risk management plans.

Supports planning

All information recorded feeds into risk management plans, leading to more targeted care and improving efficiency.

Supports multi-disciplinary teams

Where clinicians and staff of varying professional backgrounds and skills are working together.


Covers a comprehensive scope with a variety of specialist risk assessments.


The FACE CARAS Assessment Toolset has been developed over a two-year period in collaboration with the University of Durham and with the input of mental health practitioners across child and adolescent mental health services.

FACE Assessment Toolsets are a product of over 20 years’ development work involving hundreds of practitioners, service users and carers. They are guaranteed to meet all clinical, management and national requirements.

They are also updated regularly with the involvement of our user network and we are constantly seeking to both improve existing tools and design new tools to meet emerging needs.

Included in Toolset

  • Risk Screening Tool
  • Aggression Risk
  • Vulnerability Risk
  • Sexual Harm Risk
  • Self Harm/ Suicide Risk
  • Eating Disorder Risk
  • Learning Disability Risk

Training and Support

All toolsets include high quality supporting documentation and training materials. We can provide on-site training for new users through our network of experienced trainers.

In addition, we run a central training programme for people who wish to become ‘expert users’. This course is designed for senior practitioners or trainers who will be taking a lead in implementing FACE toolsets in their organisation.

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