Continuing Healthcare

Care Partner enables CCGs to reduce Delayed Transfers of Care and meet the PHB mandate by streamlining and digitising the CHC process.

Manage each stage of the CHC and PHB process in one place

Complete digital CHC Checklist

Pre-populate Decision Support Tool

Estimate budgets fairly & accurately

Develop Care & Support Plans

Track progress towards outcomes

Reduce inefficiencies, backlogs and costs

Don't waste time copy/pasting as your recorded data is automatically brought forward at each stage, reducing time spent on costly and unnecessary paperwork.

Unmatched affordability

Not only will Care Partner save you time and resources and provide better outcomes for patients, it's also the most affordable solution available.

Reduce Delayed Transfers of Care

Care Partner brings all of the key forms in the CHC process together, speeding up eligibility decisions and reducing needless hospital stays.

Estimate PHBs and Integrated Budgets in seconds

Manage costs across your CHC population and move toward the 'PHB by default' model using the UK's most trusted Resource Allocation System.

Achieve your 28-day target

By managing the assessment and eligibility process in a single, cloud-based platform, the whole team will have instant access to the latest information, helping you meet the 28-day target.

Report on Quality Premium standards

Care Partner's self-service, customisable analytics tool provides powerful reports on all of your data including where assessments take place and how quickly eligibility decisions happen.

Improve patients' and families' experience of the process

Care Partner enhances the speed and transparency of the decision-making process so patients and their families can be kept up-to-date with the latest, most accurate information.

Working with CCGs and Councils around the country

With 25 years of experience, our team ensures rapid roll out of our solutions. Some of our customers include:

  • NHS Greenwich CCG
  • Birmingham and Solihull CCG
  • East Leicestershire & Rutland CCG, West Leicestershire CCG and Leicester City CCG
  • Warrington CCG

Key Features

Embedded RAS

Estimated budgets are instantly generated based on the needs captured in the checklist and DST.

Copy Forward

The DST and care plans are pre-populated from the checklist, removing the need to copy and paste.

Work Lists

Manage the individuals you and your team work with day-to-day.

Support Planning

Create and review holistic support plans based around personal outcomes.

Care Mobile

Access Work Lists, complete contact records and assessments anytime, anywhere.


Gives a quick overview of each individual's data and change over time.

What our customers are saying

In a recent benchmark exercise for London CCGs, Greenwich was top for providing personal health budgets to those eligible for Continuing Healthcare. We use the FACE Resource Allocation System to calculate the estimated indicative budgets which has contributed to our success in the provision of Personal Health Budgets.
    - Greenwich CCG