Continuing Healthcare

Care Partner enables CCGs to achieve the requirements of the National CHC Framework and PHB mandate.

Manage CHC cases in one place

Complete MDT assessments

Generate pre-populated Decision Support Tool

Estimate budgets fairly & accurately

Develop personalised Care & Support Plans

Streamline the CHC process

Care Partner brings together disparate forms and processes, supporting informed decision-making across your CHC population.

More time on what matters

DST and care plans are pre-populated from the MDT assessment, freeing up practitioners to focus on the important stuff.

Hit your PHB targets

Generate estimated PHBs from your MDT assessments in seconds, using the UK's most trusted Resource Allocation System.

Use your data to improve outcomes

By bringing your organisation's CHC data together, you'll be able to:

  • Forecast potential spend
  • Target commissioning to meet needs
  • Ensure the continued accuracy of your RAS

Nationally developed, locally tailored

Your local forms, costs and policies are embedded to ensure the solution works for you.

Track, compare and report with ease

Care Partner's self-service analytics platform, Atmolytics, gives you rich insights into your population.

Key Features

Embedded Resource Allocation

Estimated budgets are generated based on the needs captured within the MDT assessment.

Copy Forward

DST and care plans are pre-populated from the MDT assessment, removing the need to copy and paste.

Work Lists

Manage the individuals you and your team work with day-to-day.

Support Planning

Create and review holistic support plans based around personal outcomes.

Care Mobile

Access Work Lists, complete contact records and assessments anytime, anywhere.


Gives a quick overview of each individual's data and change over time.