Care Partner Person-centred software for people with complex needs.

Care Partner

Working with people who have long-term conditions, mental health problems and other complex needs lies at the heart of the care system. However, until now, IT systems have not been designed with this in mind: hospital systems focus on acute admission and primary care systems are based around brief, repeated visits to the GP.

In contrast, Care Partner puts the needs of people with complex needs and those who work with them at the forefront, recognising how essential it is to have:

  • A holistic view of the person, their situation and their needs
  • Co-ordinated, personalised delivery of support and care

Putting the person at the centre

Care Partner is uniquely oriented around person-centred practice and has won awards for improving quality and outcomes. Care Partner helps you to:

  • Manage new referrals
  • Assess health and social needs
  • Provide personal budgets
  • Develop care and support plans
  • Record the achievement of outcomes
  • Track mental and physical well-being
  • Identify and flag risk factors
  • Mitigate impact on family and carers
  • Support self-management
  • Assess mental capacity
  • Co-ordinate multi-professional care
  • Prevent hospital admission
  • Provide adequate social support
  • Ensure reviews take place
  • Work on the road or at base
  • Record serious incidents
  • Track progress along care pathways
  • Manage your caseload

Care Partner is so user-friendly our users don’t know what to compare it to! In just a few minutes you will be up and running, and if you wish to tailor the system to local ways of working that is easily done.

Who is using Care Partner?

Our users include:

  • Five Trusts in Scotland – including Ayrshire and Arran, where it is used across mental health, learning disability, older people and child health services.
  • Jersey Health and Social services – where it is used to support people with complex needs across the health and social care system.

Care Partner and other Imosphere Solutions

  • Care Partner is a key component of our Personal Budgets and Personalisation solutions and is fully integrated with our Resource Allocation System, providing integrated personal budgets for multiple agencies (across health, social care, education, children and adults).
  • Care Partner is supplied pre-loaded with our nationally recognised FACE Assessment Toolsets and many hundreds of other standard assessment tools, clinical outcome measures and PROMs. Local tools can be easily added as required.
  • Care Partner is supplied fully integrated with our unique self-service analytics platform, Atmolytics, enabling you to track individual and population outcomes, and much, much more.