Atmolytics Transforming the way you work with data.

Atmolytics is our unique 100% self-service analytics platform, enabling anyone with health or social care domain expertise to undertake in-depth data exploration, visualisation, benchmarking and reporting.

Everything is available ‘out of the box’ and users need no querying or database expertise. With just a few minutes of training, you can create and explore cohorts of any required level of complexity in real time. For any cohort, explore local processes, outcomes and costs in any way you wish, using 15 Apps that cover all the key bases of health and social care.

Intuitive, attractive and interactive outputs let you arrive at insights in minutes. Having done so, you can share these with colleagues, with the system transparently informing them exactly how you have produced your conclusions.

Atmolytics is highly scalable and seamlessly brings together data from multiple sources to give commissioners, planners, practitioners and researchers the wider picture, based upon data from across the care system.

Using data to improve quality

The platform enables users at every level in your organisation to:

  • Review how resources are being targeted
  • Evaluate outcomes
  • Identify weaknesses in key processes
  • Monitor caseloads and productivity

Atmolytics can be used with any local systems. It also works seamlessly with our Toolsets, RAS and Care Partner, thereby forming a key component of all of our full solutions.

The Atmohealth Project

Atmolytics is being used as the foundation for development of a pan-European collaborative analytics platform for population health (Atmohealth). We are working with leading clinical research institutions such as:

  • Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
  • University of Limerick, Ireland
  • Imperial College, London
  • National Centre for Mental Health, Wales

The goal of the project is to provide an affordable platform that massively expands and simplifies access to knowledge derived from large-scale health data. To find out more, visit the Atmohealth website.