Cohort tracking now available in Atmolytics v2.49

1 May 2018

We are pleased to announce that v2.49 of Atmolytics is now available.

Here are just some of the latest features and updates:

Track changes to your cohorts

You can now track members of a cohort over time and receive daily emails about changes in population size, joiners and leavers.

Make announcements

If you're an administrator, you can now issue announcements on the login page, offering a great way to communicate across your teams.

Monitor prescription patterns

A new set of cohort insights is now available, helping you track medical prescriptions and their effectiveness.

Add multiple admission types

Atmolytics now supports many admission types. This gives you greater freedom to group your patient contact in a way that works for you.

To upgrade to V2.49, please contact our Support Team on 0800 802 1884 or email us at