Why use a Children's RAS?

The Children and Families Act 2014 requires greater integration between education, health and social care. This includes improvements to commissioning to encourage a joined-up way of working that promotes wellbeing and improves provision for disabled children and young people and those with SEN.

Local Authorities are required to offer families of disabled children and young people the option of a personal budget. This is a key step towards personalisation of children and young people's services.

A Resource Allocation System (RAS) is a method of estimating the amount of money required to pay for care and support, given a certain level of need. The RAS acts as a decision support tool, designed to produce an estimated budget to act as the starting point for EHC support planning.

The purpose of the FACE Children's RAS is not to take money or services away. It is an evidence-based and outcomes-focused tool which allocates money based on need. This approach introduces transparency, fairness and equity. It ensures consistency, so that everyone gets the same budget if they have the same assessed needs.